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Historical persons responsible for the Branch

Claretta Dal Rì

She was Responsinle for the Branch of the Volunteers of God together with Giorgio (Turnea) Martelli, who was nominated for the male Volunteers.

With this assignment, Chiara made me take a bigger step towards the Volunteers; that is, she distinguished the Branch from that of the focolare, which is has different tasks. The Centre of the Volunteers was born, because it was an independent Branch, we say distinct. Subsequently, Volunteers came to live in the neighbourhood to work just for the Centre, for all this Branch. I think it was in ’68 when Chiara called us at Loppiano and she told us, that we male and female Volunteers will form part of the Centre of the Work of Mary, therefore it was the Volunteers who were entering into a direct relationship with Chiara. On that occasion, Chiara told us something particular, she spoke about the vocation of the Focolare and about the vocation of the Volunteer She said: “It’s like saying, is the tulip more beautiful than the rose? Is the sea more beautiful than the mountain? They are two different beauties, but each one has its own particular beauty with its own characteristics”.

Dori(Doriana) Zamboni


Responsible for the Branch of the Volunteers of God from 1976 together with Pierlorenzo Carenzi, who was nominated for the male Volunteers.

“Putting myself in front of the Volunteers, I felt the need to make them aware that the Christianity they knew was very important, but that the Ideal also asked for the application of intelligence, it also asked for the mind (…) so gradually they felt the desire to read, to study (…) even everything which regarded the social life of their work, or even about social life happening around them, because it is in their vocation to enter into the social life, taking with them all the supernatural spirit which the Ideal brings and to revive the work which each one had through this human commitment (…) to renew also what passes through their hands, renewed by a light, by a big power as the Ideal is in all its fullness. In ’83, a Congress was held in Rome at the Paleur, and in which Volunteers and many others came from all over the world and who wanted to understand deeply the Vocation of the Volunteer. Certainly, it was a demonstration that a new world is possible”.




Maria Ghislandi

Responsible for the Branch of the Volunteers of God from 2002, first with Augusto Landucci and after with Paolo Mottironi, nominated for the male Volunteers.

“I can say that nothing is changed and that everything is changed. Nothing is changed, because I have continued to do the will of God, having trust in Him and I have always experienced that He has accompanied me and accompanies me with His grace. But, I can also say that everything has changed. With this responsibility, I have noticed immediately that God was asking me a new faithfulness to Jesus Forsaken and to Mary Desolate, to live that “extra” of love which makes us always be in service for the brothers”.

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