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La Visitazione

The Inauguration

It was 31st, May 1984, when Chiara inaugurated the house that would welcome the permanent and the temporary school of the Volunteers of God in the Citadel of Loppiano. Chiara chose the name from the Gospel of that day. Mary’s visit to St. Elisabeth.  “The Visitation” would remind us of the works of mercy which we are called to implement in society.

The Loppiano Prima (First) Cooperative

Since the birth of the citadel of Loppiano, Chiara has always emphasized how she saw that the m/f/ Volunteers had to reside among the people who were there. The first ones came in the '70s giving life, among other things, to the "Loppiano Prima" agricultural cooperative.

The Permanent School

Already in 1975 Chiara felt the importance that a School for the female Volunteers should emerge in Loppiano and also a school for the male Volunteers, where they could broaden and experience the Charism and the specific of the Vocation. 

Over the years the house has welcomed hundreds of volunteers from all over the world. Some came only for the training schools, others stopped for longer periods, also engaging in the different jobs that allowed them to stay. The moments of permanence, short or long, always offer the opportunity to grow in unity, to deepen the vocation and immerse oneself in the Charism, to be first-hand builders of the life of the international citadel of Loppiano. When "The Visitation" was inaugurated, Dori, responsible for the volunteers, had entrusted the permanent school to Vilma, who recently passed the baton to Anca, a Dutch volunteer moving to Loppiano at the invitation of Maria Ghislandi.


The School today

In 2014, Patience has entrusted Marilen Lee the responsibility of  “The Visitation”. Up to this very day, she is helped by a team made up of Zsuzanna Horvat Varga, Marguerite Tiappi Nkameni and Elisabetta Recarni.

The House

When the house was chosen it was little more than a farmhouse. In a short time, thanks to the love and generosity of the volunteers of the whole world, it has become beautiful and welcoming. In its 25 years of life it has still been transformed to be more and more responsive to its home-school vocation. The last renovation - currently completed - has provided for the construction of mini-apartments for the volunteers who look after the permanent school, and has seen the transformation of a barn to a hall for meetings, equipped with modern technology to be able to offer more simultaneous translations as possible.

"The 25th Anniversary of The Visitation"

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